Pastor Santana

Founder and CEO of Journey to Heaven

Pastor Santana was born and raised on a farm in the Amazon region of Brazil near the city of Belem. She came to the U.S. in 1996 and settled in southeastern Florida where she had an encounter with God.  As a business woman and innovator, she worked in healthcare, created businesses and clothing stores.  God had a higher calling on her life, so she established Journey to Heaven Church as a way of bringing the word of God to the Portuguese speaking population in the Pompano Beach, Florida area.  During this tenure she, along with church members, became increasingly aware of the plight of the homeless, the assorted difficulties they face, and the impact they have on the local communities. With the help of church members, she then spearheaded a response to help solve homeless difficulties with love, compassion, and spiritual guidance.

Marie Doorn

Marie Doorn


Marie has been involved in ministries for years, as a minister, a ministry strategist and a coach to help ministers and ministries reach to their highest level according to His purpose. Knowing there is no greater joy than to see others receive the Love of God, she is passionate about Journey to Heaven and what that ministry has accomplished in changing lives for the least of us.

Ben Pace

Lead Director

Ben is a philanthropist first and an entrepreneur second. He’s helped grow thousands of small businesses and nonprofits for the past 15 years. Starting with rotary club and his church , he donates his time and money with the goal of curing homelessness and saving the world. He is the President of the following companies:, Core Business Consulting Inc.,, Pace Homes, LLC and Solarbit, LLC and sits on the board of the following nonprofits: IQ Academy ($15M school), and Journey to Heaven Church.


Juliana Andrade


Juliana helped found Journey to Heaven Ministry in 2014. She is a preacher, business consultant and strategist with a Bachelor’s Degree focus in Faith/Religion/Religious Studies and Advertising. She’s has been serving as chairman and now is acting as Treasurer for Journey to Heaven. She is passionate in teaching how to apply biblical principles to life, relationships and business.

Julio Mackin

Vice Chair

Julio believes service is one of the greatest forms of love. His passion for service is reflected in his career choices of being a service member in the US Navy, and then deciding a break in service with his wife Briana to help establish Journey to Heaven Ministries as one of its founding members. He served as a Director on the board as well as the Homeless Outreach Coordinator for two plus years before returning to active duty in the US Air Force. His passion for Benevolence shows through his personal goal of helping over one million individuals before he leaves this earth. He believes that we are all children of God and need to treat each other as such. Julio deeply believes that love in Jesus Christ can heal anything and has a passion for changing lives. Julio’s current role in Journey to Heaven is as Vice Chair.


Briana Andrade

Committee Chair

Briana is enthusiastic and passionate about servant leadership which shows through her dedication, support, and ministrations to Journey to Heaven. In 2009, Briana served in the US Navy and chose to break service to assist building Journey to Heaven Ministries in 2014. Briana simultaneously achieved a Bachelors degree in Communication with a minor in Student Ministries while being a Director on the board of JTH. She has since returned to duty in the US Air Force due to her love of country and continues service on the board as the Committee Chairman for JTH.

Alex Bennett

Team Member

Alex is an accomplished and successful business man whose life took a dramatic turn towards Jesus when he decided to serve by helping those in need. He met pastor Santana, came to know Jesus as his personal savior and found meaning to his life beyond business. He is a truly amazing addition to Journey to Heaven through combining his passionate care for others with his business sense. He can identify needs and find solutions, the Gospel in action!


Journey to Heaven offers outreach and support to homeless individuals in South Florida. All donations received benefit our mission and go directly to changing the lives of homeless people in our community.

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